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Cycle one of Australia's Next Top Model began airing on 4 January 2005 with 10 ladies competing for the title. There was no international destination for this cycle. The season finale was held in Melbourne, Victoria.
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The 10 finalists came from around the country and converged in Sydney where they spent eight weeks sharing an inner city apartment while competing for the title of Australia's Next Top Model.

Gemma Sanderson was the winner of the first season and she is the oldest winner of the franchise's history. The prize for winning the first series of Australia's Next Top Model was a contract with Chic Model Management, an all expenses paid trip to Milan to meet with Italian modeling agency, Fashion, an eight page editorial in Cleo magazine and being the face for a national campaign for Napoleon cosmetics for 1 year.
Australia's Next Top Model, Next Top Model, America's Next Top Model, Britain's Next Top Model, Canada's Next Top Model, Germany's Next Topmodel
The season premiere begins with the top ten girls from across Australia being greeted by the host, Erika Heynatz. They are then led towards their first challenge in Catalina's for their catwalk show. The girls soon meet Alex Perry, Australia's king of fashion couture, who tells them that they're going to be strutting their stuff down a runway in front of an audience. The girls are then handed the keys to their new Sydney Apartment and excitedly explore their new penthouse.

The next day, Erika has a discussion with the girls about eating habits. They weigh in and have their measurements taken. Later that day, Zoe celebrates her birthday and Erika presents a chocolate cake to her. Nicole revealed that she broke up with her former boyfriend prior to the show. They were then introduced to the Sydney social scene at an A-List cocktail party. Before the party, Atong thought that her wallet was moved and some of her money had been stolen. Back at the house, drama ensued as the wallet issue became a full-on house meeting.
Australia's Next Top Model, Next Top Model, America's Next Top Model, Britain's Next Top Model, Canada's Next Top Model, Germany's Next Topmodel
The next day the girls were surprised with Brazilian waxes. Later that night they found some Krispy Kreme donut boxes as well as an Erika Mail hinting about their next photo shoot.

For their first photo shoot, the girls met Michael Azzolini, their personal stylist and helper, who fit them into bikinis and took them down to the beach where some girls did exceptionally well while others flopped. Naomi gets criticized about her undersized body. After the photo shoot, the girls are taken to a bar for a club party. Tensions arise when Allana, against competition rules, met up with some friends in the bar. As a result Gemma and Allana butted heads over the incident.
Australia's Next Top Model, Next Top Model, America's Next Top Model, Britain's Next Top Model, Canada's Next Top Model, Germany's Next Topmodel
During elimination panel, Erika and the judges question Nicole on her eating habits. Chloe received a good review as the best photo for the week. The bottom two are revealed to be Naomi and Nicole, and Naomi was sent home for her short height and attitude.

They arrive at horse race track where Erika gave a lesson for horse riding. They proceeded to Dance Studio where they have a catwalk lesson from Alex and fashion model Mink Sadowsky. Nicole called her mother describing her body weight and she was annoyed from other girls in eating situation.
Australia's Next Top Model, Next Top Model, America's Next Top Model, Britain's Next Top Model, Canada's Next Top Model, Germany's Next Topmodel
The next day, they were returned to Dance Studio for a catwalk challenge. Everyone is praised in their good walks. Gemma won the challenge and she picked Chloe for one-on-one interview with then-Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins. Gemma knew Jennifer for many years and she is from Newcastle like Gemma.

The following day, the nutritionist arrived and talked about food situation. Some girls are depressed in weight while Gemma decided to clean the house while some girls have just started to get to know each other and already there is tension and bitch fights. They went a salon for a nail polishing makeover where Nicole and Shannon had cleaned their eyebrows as a part of a makeover.

The girls do a photo shoot on horse back. During the photo shoot, Zoe took off her shoes when Erika asked her to wear it back. Allana and Atong were terrified of horses and struggled in their photo shoots. During the elimination panel, Gemma and Samantha (Sam) praised their best photos. Nicole landed in bottom two again with Allana. Allana had a terrible in makeover and catwalk. Nicole is eliminated because the judges feel that she wasn't emotionally ready to handle the modeling industry.

In this episode, the girls have their personalized makeovers when they arrived at Joh Bailey salon. Shannon was ready for her edgier haircut and was pleased in the final result. Allana was saddened in her hair and having to remove her hair extensions and giving a strawberry blonde hair color. They straight went to dentist to having their teeth whitened. After the makeovers, they have to play a pool game where they impressed their excitement. Back at the house, the girls have to watch their audition videos were having fun and excited to see themselves.

The girls arrived at a Manor in Sydney and they paired up to do a lingerie photo shoot in the following pairs:

After the photo shoot, they have a gym session challenge from boxer Kostya Tszyu. Allana interested in exercise training and she worked in fitness industry before. Gemma won the challenge and she intended to chose Simmone for the prize but chose Shannon instead.

The next day, they arrived to Napoleon Perdis salon where they participated for a make-up challenge. Allana was depressed in her eyelashes and it is quite bad. Simmone won the challenge and she picked Chloe for a dinner with 4 bachelors back at the house. While the losers are intended to cook food for the winners and guests. Gemma had a charm with a guy where she had slept and having sex with him.

At judging panel, the judges gave them to do hair and make-up inside the panel. Simmone praised in her best photo. Allana and Atong stand in the bottom two. Erika stated her words, where Allana made a difficult proportion and Atong has a difficulty in motion. Despite having a bad photo shoot, Atong was eliminated.

The girls are to have an acting lesson from acting coach Dean Carey where they teach a lesson of acting. Allana started to depressing her tears that she wants to leave due to her diva attitude. They went in a Pole Studio for teach pole dancing where they have to get single moves in each steps. Allana developed a friendship with Zoe and Sam when she isn't quite happy on her behavior and she would want to see her boyfriend at home.

They have an acting challenge where they paired up with Blair McDonough from Neighbours. Sam excelled in her acting skills while she memorizes her lines and script. She wins the challenge and she takes Zoe and Allana to attend a new fashion magazine launch party as her prize. Sam changed her mind in last minute and picked Simmone rescinding Allana's invitation to join in a part of her victory. Back at the house, they have a time to shoot a commercial for Venus Divine, and told that they have a personality in commercial. That night, Allana has a decision to leave where the other girls have a house meeting to discuss her rules followed in the competition were saying that she is upset for calling her boyfriend. Erika comes at the house for an unscheduled talk to Allana and she feels in her own decision where her boyfriend arrives on time to see her.

Quit: Allana Ridge

The girls are involving for the photo shoot about Beauty Shoots with a spider as their companion. Sam has a fear of spiders. The photographer knew that Gemma was probably the weakest in picture. At the panel, the girls are impressed to see a commercial. The judges gave an acting challenge and they are stand in front of them. Shannon shone in photo shoot. Chloe and Zoe end up in bottom two, Zoe had a social occasion and stayed late in beauty shoot while Chloe had a harsh potential in her look. Both of them were still running in the competition despite Allana's decision to leave.
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