Chinese Next Top Model Zhou Wei Tong

Zhou Wei Tong (周伟童) is one of the top models in China. Born in Gui Zhou province 貴州省, she was an athlete before becoming a model. In 2000, she won the 6th Annual National Modeling contest and was rated China’s top 10 professional models in 2001. She began acting and was cast as the lead actress in the TV series《天地真情》in 2003 and《夏日里的春天》in 2004. In 2005, she starred in the movie《大荒野》”Wilderness”.
"Cica" Zhou Tong now mainly to the development of film and television industry. 2010 is also an important year. Cica Zhou had just finished Li Weiyan’s first film “决战刹马镇”. In the film, she was to subvert the image of their own past pure lady, played a cool devil, This movie also made her learn a lot from seniors, and Chiling Lin is her role model of learning.In addition to film things that she has just received a certain international cosmetics advertising, this ad will be aired nationwide in March, when we will see more of her masterpiece
Original name: 周娜
English: Cica zhou
Birthday: August 26, 1982
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 50kg
Measurements: 86/60/89cm
Educational level: secondary
Specialties: Singing
Constellation: Virgo
Blood Type: O-type
Interests: swimming, singing, reading
Personality: lively, outgoing
Described his own words:
Life motto: We must continue to set goals and the pursuit of goals
The most memorable thing: hear the host announce his award-winning
2005 “wilderness” of the Italian actress playing the director Zhao Lan-hoon
2004 “world the truth” He Yaozong director (Hong Kong) played the female lead Liu Man
2003 “Summer in the spring,” Tang Miao director actress playing the song
Chow Tai Fook jewellery, cosmetics brand awareness and image of sun spokesman for South Korea
Patriots spokesman mp3 image
Xuezhu underwear Motorola V680 phone
Po Shu for sanitary napkins, Lee Kum Kee Health and pumping
Coca-Cola spent dismantling licensing cherry diet
Nestle ice cream Jialing Motorcycle
Nokia New World Real Estate
Lai Yi Ting shampoo Fujian Ice beer

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America’s Next Top Model Casting “Ugly-Pretty” Cycle

Beauty Nextpege on the heels of the fan-favorite “petite” cycle, “America’s Next Top Model” is casting “ugly-pretty” girls for its seventeenth season.
There’s a fine line between ugly and pretty claims host and executive producer Tyra Banks, who recently sat down with Auntie Fashion. I’m eager to challenge society’s notions of conventional beauty.
All Age, height and gender restrictions have been relaxed in order to accommodate a wider variety of contestants, and Banks is excited about the changes. “We’ve seen ugly-pretty girls on the show before,” Banks adds, “and we’ve seen pretty ugly girls on the show, too. Who are we to tell them that they can’t be successful models — well, besides industry experts, I mean?”
But what exactly defines an “ugly-pretty” model? “Anything goes!” says Banks. “I’ve seen the fiercest girls at casting calls. Sure, many of them have been borderline plus-sized trannies with stumpy thighs and faces that could stop a clock, but when you’ve got it, you’ve got it!”
Prizes for Cycle 17 have also been changed to reflect the changes in the competition. Out are “Italian Vogue” and CoverGirl cosmetics. In are an editorial spread in ”Nylon” and a gig as national spokesperson for Alpo. “It’s going to be a dog’s breakfast,” Banks adds, “but an edgy, high-fashion dog’s breakfast with lots of smizing, tastelessly-executed photo shoots and plenty of irrational decisions from the judging panel. I’ve still got to give the fans what they want!”
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Pretty Model Slimming Capsules and Whitens Skin

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300php only per box, 20 capsules good for 1week and 3 days (10days).
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-Can thoroughly change the fat physical with no need to worry about the rebound problem.

-The super-excellent reducing fat result, it can reduce about 1 circuit of fat at waist, abdomen and buttocks in about 10 days really can create magic figure.

-You will become more and more beautiful the enzyme dispelling fat outcome is the active ion water, which is just aborted by the skin and cell, so that is very delicate and moist. You will become more beautiful while reducing fat. In addition it is very beneficial for fat liver, high-blood fat, with safe and reliable. You can set your heart at rest to take it.

1. Bad quality skin, splash, acne

2. Fat at waist, abdomen, arm and thigh

3. Free from diarrhea, anorexia, and no rebound

4. Those who repeatedly fail in fat reducing

5. Coprostasis, toxin accumulation

6. Those who want to reduce fat in 7 and up kg a month.

"What is the TARGET body parts and effects of this product?"

1.soft and delicate waist- your round waist begins to sunk, present concave shape curve and become lovely small waist.

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4.slender tight-your thick thigh becomes slender with good shape, your pants is no longer wrap at the leg, it is comfortable with wearing pants or mini-skirts.

5.long and slender calf-your calf is no longer protrude, and look very slender and special long and slender.

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-aiming at reducing the fat of the stubborn style big abdomen, water-barrel style waist, the fat at the lower part of the body. It can effectively reduce the carbohydrates and the sugar decomposed by the body, and preventing these carbohydrates against translating into fat deposited in the body.

Main ingredients: lotus leaf, Chinese watermelon peel,awe to, glossy and ganoderma, ginseng, chitosan and etc.

Effects: reduces fats, whitens and beautify skin.

Directions: 2 capsules a day, 30 minutes before meal best to take breakfast and dinner.

Applications:simplicity fat, youth fat, post par tum fat.

Inapplicability: forbidden for children’s, pregnant women and those who suffer such serious illness.

Net content:450mgx10 tablets (x2) packs

Shelf life:2 years (always check the expiration date)

Storage method: store at cool and dry place.

Most important: always drink lukewarm water to avoid dehydration cause by releasing of fluids thru your skin that will also helps you glow and whitens your skin.

(based on my experienced and my loyal clients, they are happy on the results!)

Always drink a lot of luke warm water(hindi masyado malamig) to avoid dehydration. (Avoid cold water, this is 1 of the most reason on getting fats).

1st box, which is good for 1week and 3days, you will feel the results. di mo pa makikita kagad pro mafifeel mo, pinagpapawisan ka cos of burning of fats thru fluids na nilalabas sa skin mo, u need to drink a lot of lukewarm water, kasi it will cause dehydration pag dika magwawater madalas, mostly kasi ng fats, sugars & carbs sa skin mo ilalabas tru pawis..
(please avoid too much drinking of cold water/drinks malakas po makataba yun)

kapag nagrerelease ka na ng Fluid (pawis) which will effect on 2nd to 3rd capsule (2nd day),or on your (3rd day)..thru your skin or jingle, mafifil mo ang dehydration,nauubusan ka kasi ng fluids sa body mo. that's why WATER is REALLY IMPORTANT while taking this pretty model slimming capsules and the more na nagiging healthy body mo kasi nililinis ng water lahat ng bad toxins sa body mo.(us!)
about your appetite? sobrang hihina pagkain mo, just like taking half of rice busog kana or even wala pang half...
always craving for fatty foods? matitigil din, macocontrol din po ng slimming capsules na to =)
about sa pu'pu (jebs?) haha! its free from diarrhea, kung ano po yung regular tym mo tska lalabas kasabay yung mga solid fats na nakain mo, kaya kahit anong kain gusto mong gawin, di ka din matatakam especially on taking your 2nd box makikita mo na pag firm and pagluluwag ng mga damit mo unti unti..
taking of ur 3rd to 4th box is the best results!
3-4spoons busog kana. ipaparepair mo na lahat ng malaking damit mo,
(yan ang gianagawako na ngayon) haha! ;p

its proven effective and safe po because its herbal and no mix of any chemicals. also it helps you WHITENS YOUR SKIN, makikita mo po sa ingredients and its safe talaga.

best example: is MY MAMA =)

She's a diabetec and a high blood person..walang tigil kaka kain, and sorrounded by foods sya lagi (canteen)
kaya big help sa knya ksi control na yung appetite and pagccrave nya, when i invited her to have some dinner.. she answers: "ayaw ko, busog pa ko"
also big help din po ang releasing fats thru fluids (pawis) =)
i personally used din po ito, cos i gained weight before.
from 50-51kg before taking pretty model capsules, i am now 46-45kg
i am so happy for the results, i even dont need to buy new dress
(masusuot ko na yung napagliitan ko) hehe!
I don't even be needing those other expensive diet and whitening pills/tea
w/ no results after all.

after taking this pretty model capsules, no need to worry of gaining weight again.
kasi di ka mabilis tataba pag nagstop kana..
big help talaga po para dun sa mga gusto pumayat, pumuti and mafirm yung body..
for those interested you can contact this numbers: Annie Dumigpi
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During a photo shoot break the model picks up a soccer ball and shows off some pretty impressive soccer skills.

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