America’s Next Top Model Casting “Ugly-Pretty” Cycle

Beauty Nextpege on the heels of the fan-favorite “petite” cycle, “America’s Next Top Model” is casting “ugly-pretty” girls for its seventeenth season.
There’s a fine line between ugly and pretty claims host and executive producer Tyra Banks, who recently sat down with Auntie Fashion. I’m eager to challenge society’s notions of conventional beauty.
All Age, height and gender restrictions have been relaxed in order to accommodate a wider variety of contestants, and Banks is excited about the changes. “We’ve seen ugly-pretty girls on the show before,” Banks adds, “and we’ve seen pretty ugly girls on the show, too. Who are we to tell them that they can’t be successful models — well, besides industry experts, I mean?”
But what exactly defines an “ugly-pretty” model? “Anything goes!” says Banks. “I’ve seen the fiercest girls at casting calls. Sure, many of them have been borderline plus-sized trannies with stumpy thighs and faces that could stop a clock, but when you’ve got it, you’ve got it!”
Prizes for Cycle 17 have also been changed to reflect the changes in the competition. Out are “Italian Vogue” and CoverGirl cosmetics. In are an editorial spread in ”Nylon” and a gig as national spokesperson for Alpo. “It’s going to be a dog’s breakfast,” Banks adds, “but an edgy, high-fashion dog’s breakfast with lots of smizing, tastelessly-executed photo shoots and plenty of irrational decisions from the judging panel. I’ve still got to give the fans what they want!”
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