Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1 was the first series of Britain's Next Top Model and it was broadcast on LIVINGtv.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The international destination of the series was Milan, Italy. The prize was a contract management and representation from Models 1, a contract with Ruby & Millie cosmetics, and a fashion cover for B Magazine. In addition, the winner had another contract management from Beatrice Models in Milan.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The show was followed by a short programme entitled 'The Evictees Story' which showed the eliminated model and her journey through the competition. This was then followed by 'Britain's Next Top Model: Confessionals' which showed each girl in the confessional room talking about the other girls which wasn't shown on the show. For the second series 'The Evictees Story' was dropped and 'Confessionals' was dropped for the third. The first cycle was hosted by former supermodel Lisa Butcher and judged along with Marie Helvin and Jonathan Phang.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The winner was 20 year old Lucy Ratcliffe from Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

The 12 girls are picked up across London on a Routemaster London Bus and are taken to met their host for the competition, Lisa Butcher. They met their stylist Hilary Alexander and their personal trainer, Gideon. They proceeded to Leadenhall Market for a runway walk wearing normal clothes and nude costumes. Later that night, they had a dinner with Lisa in a restaurant for having a toast.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The following day, they awoke to have bikini waxes and then they did off the catwalk training with Angela Dunn at Heaven where an argument breaks out between Anne and Tashi. Anne was criticized and she was struggling during the catwalk. Edwina won the challenge and took Naomi and Marina onto a limousine and proceeded to London Eye for received a massage.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The first photo shoot taken in white and black bikinis in individual and group shots. Tension arose when Anne started a complain about modeling. At judging, Marisa praised for her best picture while Tashi receiving a good ability. Shauna and Marina winded up in the bottom two, the judges think Shauna does not have a models figure and Marina's look is one dimensional. Marina was eliminated for her poor ability.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The girls got their makeovers where they meet celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford. But not everyone was happy with their new look (particularly Anne, at first and reacted badly. Stephanie wasn't happy in her new haircut and hair color). Later, they returned to the apartment for celebrating Shauna's birthday. Some girls had excitement and wore garbage bags.

The next day, the girls had an early start in Isle of Wight for a photo shoot with Nicky Johnston. While at the shoot more fights break out and a rift is caused between the girls. Edwina and Naomi were laughing at Jenilee during her shoot which stirred an argument in the house. Edwina looked bad during the photo shoot and she called her sister on a phone about this.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The girls participated for Ruby & Millie cosmetics challenge. Jenilee won a challenge and chose Hayley and Lucy went on a date with 3 male models, the losers work and serve in a restaurant. The rest of the girls have to work and serve in the kitchen and restaurant – obviously causing tension. Later, a friendship between Edwina and Naomi continued their tension to other girls.

During the judging panel, Lisa gave the girls for an evening attire with make-up in 10 minutes. Tashi, Shauna and Lucy were excelled. Despite a stellar photo, Edwina is scolded for being a diva. In the end, Claire and Anne landed up in the bottom two because of Anne's constant tantrums and Claire's terrible posture. In the end, Anne saved her elimination because of her worst new look while Claire was eliminated that she wasn't happy on set and she had very bad deportment that her modeling dream was over.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The girls faced for a dance lesson for a pop music video. Hayley injured her arm resulting in a vehicular door accident prior to the start of dance lesson and she sent to hospital. The other girls learned a routine and have to put their new skills while some other girls struggled. Hayley reunited with the other girls to do the routine. Edwina and Naomi once again are separated after being accused of making comments on the other girls skills.

The following day, they faced for a pop music video went fairly well for all girls – although Edwina was blamed for hogging the camera. Tashi won the task and with Anne accompanying her, while Lisa awaited them. They were whisked off to a jewelers and gets a £600 necklace.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The girls undergo a close-up beauty photo shoot from Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses. During the photo shoot, Shauna looked terrible in posing and Tashi's hair looked like mess. At the judging panel, some girls had a freestyle dance in front of the panel without music. Jenilee impressed in her photo and looked good in her face. Shauna and Edwina are in the bottom two, the judges think Shauna's photo was not memorable and Edwina once again gets scolded for her diva attitude. With that, the girl with the best photo got to stay, as Shauna was eliminated although she was good in dance challenge and her body shape may consistently let her down.

This week the girls had an acting lesson in the theatre. The girls are delighted to perform with Paul Danan from Hollyoaks and had to perform a sketch culminating in either an argument or kiss with him. Jenilee was jealous and who went for a latter option in her boyfriend.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The girls met a top casting director where they had to audition for an ice cream commercial. Marisa felt attacked by the commercial director and was considering quitting. Lucy wasn't focused well and she had lacked of ambition for performing the task. Tashi and Naomi won the challenge and went on a date with Paul Danan and Scott Wright in a restaurant at London's West End. However, Anne had decided to quit and she called Lisa in a phone claiming she realized that she didn't like modeling and she asked to leave.

Quit: Anne Kent

Tashi and Naomi brought Paul and Scott to the apartment for chatting with the other girls. The fights between the girls get worse when Tashi said Naomi snogged Paul at least three times, when Naomi has a boyfriend. Tashi also said Naomi was lying about this.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The girls shot for a shower gel commercial. Stephanie was unhappy and complained in freezing water. After the commercial, another fight broke out because Naomi said that Tashi wet the bed and Tashi and the other girls confronted Naomi. During the judging panel, the girls gave to persuade an imaginary soup for the one should buy. Edwina was praised for her commercial and it did the best. The judges felt Stephanie really struggled the entire week and they felt she was sinking and they thought Lucy wasn't evolving and that they're puzzled as to why she isn't trying as hard as the others and they were went in bottom two. Since Anne eliminated herself, neither Stephanie nor Lucy was eliminated.

The girls spent the day in the apartment where they were tutored in nutrition and attitude. They went off to a boutique where they met fashion designer Maria Grachvogel. They took a Polaroid shot for their looks and a catwalk test. They proceeded to Style Academy for a fashion show where Maria's designs awaited for a collection. Edwina won the challenge and chose Naomi to share her reward of a spa treatment in Harrods.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The winners got a spa treatment and the losers had to model Elizabeth Hurley’s beachwear in the window of a store and they posed as mannequins. But the rest of the girls met Mohamed Al-Fayed while he invited them to tea dinner. Back at the apartment, when they rub it into Edwina and Naomi's faces, things got tense and which did not go down well.

The theme of the photo shoot this week was ‘Fairytale Princess’. But having to pose with a frog as a Prince. Most girls got on the task but Tashi and Hayley struggled causing Tashi broke into tears. Following after the photo shoot, they proceeded at KX Gym Club for a kickboxing class.

At judging panel, Stephanie's and Lucy's pictures were criticized while Stephanie received her best photo for this week. In the end, Naomi and Hayley are in the bottom two. Naomi's picture was good but her walk wasn't. The judges felt like she wasn't delivering that extra something. While Hayley had her worst week yet, and she failed to see it. The judges felt like her walk and her photographs are not the standard that their looking for. Hayley was asked to leave when she was better suited in sportswear modeling and hadn't managed look on.

The girls have a yoga session with Howard Napper while some girls are meditate. After straight from yoga training, they meet with Heat magazine journalist Lucie Cave. They have an interview challenge about their past stories inside a limo lounge. Naomi winds up angry with her critique after the other girls brought up Paul Danan and they have allegations again. Tashi winds up winning because she shared that she was once a size 20. Tashi, Marisa, and Stephanie go for a celebrity night out with Tamara Beckwith, Orla O' Rourke and Angela Dunn. After dinner, Tashi, Steph and Marisa head off to a club and drink until late that night.
Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
The next day, they have a photo shoot for DKNY. Jenilee got cried and she had a harsh condition despite her hard work in modeling. The girls gang up on Marisa because she has modeled before when she was young, makes the other girls seem like the photo shoots and challenges they do are not important, with her constant complaints. This brings Marisa to tears.

During the judging panel, Tashi received a good review in interview skills and having her photo excelled. Naomi and Lucy were also excelled in their good photos. Marisa and Jenilee are in the bottom two. While the judges agree Marisa is high fashion, they're concerned that she has one look. The judges expressed distaste at Jenilee's outburst during the shoot calling her unprofessional. In a shocking elimination, Marisa, the front-runner, was sent home that she wasn't focused in the competition.

The remaining girls had an early wake up for a go-see in Paris by train along with Angela Dunn. Upon arrival in Paris, they learned about Parisian couture and met Parisian designers to brought down in earth with a crash. The designer said Tashi was "too fat to model", Lucy and Naomi are told to lose a few kilos, and Edwina throws Stephanie off her game when she says Stephanie has saggy breasts.

The next day and return from Paris, the girls meet Hilary Alexander at London’s Camden Market the task is to buy an outfit for £30. Naomi and Stephanie were the winners for this challenge and they get a visit from their boyfriends in a fancy restaurant at 1 Lombard Street. Naomi and her boyfriend got along much better than Stephanie and hers. They visit Models 1 Agency where they have another go-see challenge with model director Karen Diamond along with their portfolios. Jenilee was in harsh condition of her height and the agency doesn't require of the height. The girls learn they would be going to Milan and there are only 5 seats on the plane. They have a Haute couture photo shoot and try for their best. Lucy had trouble fitting a dress which it is too small for her where she tried to picked more dresses that would fit for her.

During the judging panel, Lisa gave them a stylish top from a plain t-shirt Parisian couture style. Everyone's picture is praised by the judges. But, Stephanie and Tashi are in the bottom two and they deemed the worst. The judges love Tashi's personality but the judges feel as if her photo should have been better than the one last week. The judges love Stephanie's eyes but the judges feel as if she needs more than one dynamic feature to become a top model. With that, Stephanie was eliminated and left without a plane ticket.

Afterwards, the newly remaining girls are excited for their trip in Milan.

The five remaining girls arrive in Milan. Where they have a tour across the city. They arrive in a hotel where some rooms cause problems. That night, they go for dinner with Lisa and each girl gets a chance to talk to her about their journeys so far. They went to Beatrice Model agency where they have a go-see with Paola and they proceeded to Guerriero store where they have to wear a formal dress for a red carpet style. In a shocking elimination, Tashi and Naomi wind up in the bottom two. The judges say Tashi is great on the catwalk but her photographs are inconsistent. They also say Naomi has a beautiful face made for TV commercials and beauty campaigns but they feel she may not be able to cut it in all areas. Naomi became the first girl sent back home.

The girls are stunned about Naomi's shocking departure. The next day, the girls were split into two groups across the downtown where they have a red carpet dresses for their photo shoot. Some girls struggle with a photoshoot with top Milanese designer, Stefano Guerriero. Jenilee and Tashi won the challenge and they have a dinner in a classic Italian restaurant where Lucy and Edwina cook and serve pizza for the winners. The girls, specifically Tashi, comfront Edwina about the idea of rotating bedrooms so that everyone's happy. When Edwina refuses, Tashi says "the war is on, I am not sleeping on that sofa!".

During the panel, Jenilee was expressed in her look and praising her photo. Edwina and Tashi are in the bottom two. The judges think Edwina's pose was the best, but her facial expression let her down. The judges think Tashi's facial expression was soft and different but her pose wasn't that great, and eliminate her.

In the finale, the girls are taken for dinner by Lisa to congratulate them and celebrate. She gives them each a gift to mark their success.

The next day, the girls have a topless photo shoot with male models. Some girls are quite impressed in their looks. Following the photo shoot, they have a dinner accompanied with the following male models:

At the elimination, Edwina is praised for taking her best picture. Lucy and Jenilee also receive universal praise, but find themselves in the bottom two for not proving enough that they are great runway models. and Jenilee is sent home amidst a flurry of tears.

The finalists were given the day exploring the city and go against each other. Lisa surprised them and takes them shopping at Armani. As the girls parade around the shop in the clothes, Lisa announced they would taking part in an exclusive fashion show for Giorgio Armani's Spring Collection in Milan. The final runway show took place at Sheraton Diana Majestic Hotel where Lisa shows the girls for a catwalk. Stefano opened the show while the girls step up to the challenge and perform well. At the judging session afterward, both were praised for their performances. They are both called back and the screen revealed Lucy won Britain's Next Top Model.
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