France's Next Top Model

France's Next Top Model is a reality television programme based upon America's Next Top Model. The first cycle has ended with winner Alizee. The second cycle was held in 2007 which saw victory for Karen.
The challenge usually focuses on an element important to modeling. A guest judge, who is unique to each episode, evaluates the contestants and decides the winner of the challenge, who receives a prize for her victory. The winner is then permitted to allow a certain number of other contestants to receive a similar, but lesser, reward, while the others are given nothing.
Based upon the contestants' performance in the week's challenge, photoshoot, and general attitude, the judges deliberate and decide which girl must leave the competition. Once the judges have made their decision, the contestants are called back into the room. The host calls out the names of the contestants who performed well in the challenge and photoshoot, giving them a copy of their best photo from the shoot. The two contestants which are in last place, whose names have not been called, are said to be in the "bottom two". Both girls are given constructive criticism, and one is eliminated. The person who is eliminated does not receive a photo.

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