Meet the Girls of 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 16

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 16 is the sixteenth cycle of America's Next Top Model and the tenth season to be aired on The CW network. It premiered on February 23, 2011.

The winner will receive a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics, a contract with IMG Models, the cover of Beauty In Vogue and fashion spreads in Vogue Italia and Beauty In Vogue.

All three permanent judges from the previous cycle – Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley, photographer Nigel Barker and Tyra Banks herself – remain.

The catch phrase for this cycle is "Rainy Day Women". The international destination for this cycle is Marrakech, Morocco, making this the show's first visit to the Arab world and the second time to Africa, the first being in Cycle 4, where the show visited Cape Town, South Africa. This is also the second season not to feature a casting episode, only preceded by Cycle 2.
The winner was 19-year-old Brittani Kline from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania.

The fourteen finalists of Cycle 16 were flown to Los Angeles, where Tyra and the Jays pulled a prank on the girls by "eliminating" them during what they thought was a typical casting week. The girls were escorted to another room under the premise that Tyra wanted to say goodbye to them, and she encouraged them to keep trying to model. But then, much to the girls' surprise, Tyra revealed that they were the real finalists, and upon pulling down drapes, it was revealed that the room was actually their Top Model house, a penthouse in downtown Los Angeles.

At a beautiful Malibu estate, the models met model/designer Erin Wasson and learnt that they would be taking part in a runway show that evening, walking in a giant bubble, over a pool of water. Their first photo shoot was also to be taken before the fashion show, while doing their wardrobe, hair and makeup. At the show, Brittani impressed the most with her powerful walk, whilst Dominique and Ondrei slipped off-course, though Dominique was commended for reacting to her fall gracefully, and with a sense of humor.

At panel, Brittani, Molly, Monique, and Alexandria produced the best photographs, but Kasia was chastised for not utilizing her full-figured sexiness in her film. Jaclyn was praised for producing a stellar photograph, but was warned that her overall film was poor. Dominique and Angelia landed in the bottom two for producing the weakest shots, but Dominique's effervescent personality saved her, while Angelia's inability to translate her beauty in photos sent her home.
At the house, Nicole pondered about how she could improve her performance in the competition after she was told she photographed old at panel, while Ondrei revealed that less than a year previous to coming to the show, her brother was murdered. Tyra visited the house, and introduced the girls to her nutritionist Heather Bauer, who taught the girls about “cheaties” – healthy but tasty alternatives to a top model's diet. Later, Monique and Dalya discovered a plate of rotting chicken in the fridge, and conflict broke out between Dalya and Alexandria, who thought that Dalya was speaking down to her.

Later, the girls were taken to Colony Theatre in Burbank where Nigel introduced them to acting coach Eugene Buica. The girls were asked to draw a picture of their inner critic, and then confront them, with Eugene acting as the critic. Ondrei broke down, upset about her brother, while Molly revealed that she was adopted. After the teach was over, each of the girls were given earrings as a reward for doing well in such an emotional teach.

Next, the girls were taken to their photo-shoot, where they would be modeling jewelry while surrounded by bees. Monique impressed Mr.Jay with her strong poses and facial expressions, while Hannah was reduced to tears during the shoot, feeling under pressure to perform well, while Jaclyn worried about her allergy to the bees. After the shoot, Ondrei contemplated leaving the competition, stating that she wanted to compete, but that her traumatic past continued to haunt her.

At panel, Ondrei told the judges that she wanted to leave. The judges were supportive, and Ondrei left the competition. Tyra informed the remaining girls that if Ondrei’s photo was deemed the weakest, there would be no elimination for the week. If not, there would still be an elimination. As judging continued, Hannah received high acclaim for her emotional-stunning photo. Monique and Mikaela also both received praise for their unique beauty that translated to their photos.
Kasia's dress received funny reviews from the judges, but her photo was absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Both of Dominique and Sara's photo was deemed as "definitely beautiful" by Andre, but Tyra warned both of them for their weak film. Alexandria also produced a poor film despite having a stellar photo, while Jaclyn is improving, but not enough. Molly was deemed as a very beautiful girl, but her photo was far from the judges' prediction as she was received the first call-out the week before.

At the end, it was revealed that Dalya and Nicole were called forward as the bottom two, Dalya for producing a largely unusable film, despite a decent picture, and Nicole for once again photographing much older than she looked in person. Tyra revealed that Ondrei’s photo had not been deemed the worst in the group, and that one of the bottom two would be leaving as non-elimination preparation was canceled. Dalya was saved, and Nicole became the third girl to leave the competition.

The girls returned from panel to find a drape with descriptions of their makeovers, but not to which girl each style corresponded, causing panic from some, and excitement from others. The girls were taken to the Privé salon in Los Angeles, and although most of the girls were satisfied with their new looks, Sara was disappointed not to get a weave and Alexandria expressed her concerns about how she thought her stylist should be fixing her hair, though she was ultimately happy with the overall result. An independent stylist was brought in specifically for Molly’s advanced weave, but the style was universally panned, and Molly angrily expressed her disdain at her new look.

At panel, most of the girls received positive feedback from their shoots, and ultimately Alexandria received first call-out for producing a stunning shot, despite being lambasted for her inappropriate behaviour on set. Molly was promised that her weave would be redone, much to her relief. Dominique's nerves and Sara's lack of self-confidence landed them in the bottom two, but Sara was deemed to have more potential, and Dominique was sent packing.

Returning from panel, Alexandria's first call-out stirred controversy, because the other girls felt that she was undeserving for her rash behavior at the previous photo shoot. On the other hand, Alexandria herself vowed to improve her perceived bad attitude.
Miss J. challenged the girls to walk for a Geoffrey Mac fashion show on a runway that was set ablaze. During hair and makeup, Molly finally had her weave taken out, much to her delight. Alexandria, Brittani and Dalya all excelled at the show, and were named as the top three, but it was Dalya who won the challenge, and two of Geoffrey’s pieces. Conversely, Hannah, Kasia and Sara were told that they performed the worst in the challenge, and as punishment, they had to walk home. Kasia took the journey back to the house as an opportunity to improve on her walk, and the girls held an impromptu practice session on the way home.

Next, the girls learned that instead of a photo shoot, this week they would be filming a commercial for a fictitious Fierce Roast coffee in pairs, with a retro 60's-inspired theme, with Francesco Carrozzini as their director. Sara was immediately uncomfortable, as the idea of suppressed women behaving sexually for their own gain went against her feminist beliefs. Alexandria again caused problems on set, when Francesco and Jay Manuel felt that she was trying to dictate her and Brittani’s shoot.

At panel, the tandem of Kasia and Jaclyn received praise, while Hannah, Dalya and Monique also received positive feedback. Sara and Brittani’s performance disappointed the judges and though Alexandria shot a decent commercial, when told that the director was disappointed with her behavior on set, she tried to make excuses, upsetting the judges further.

Kasia received first call out for her strong commercial, while Alexandria and Sara were called forward as the bottom two. Alexandria was lambasted for being a know-it-all, with a bad attitude, and Sara for still not living up to her potential. After a final warning from Tyra to change her attitude, Alexandria was kept in the competition, and Sara was sent home.
Following her appearance in the bottom two at the previous panel, Alexandria rued how she was being perceived by the judges, but the other girls all felt that the judges had her personality down correctly, and joked that they should let her fall on her own sword, and talk her way out of the competition. Despite having it redone, Molly was still unhappy with her hair weave, and revealed how it had made her scalp swell.

The girls were taken to a Cover Girl challenge, where the girls were put into teams to shoot promotional videos for Cover Girl foundation. The girls were sorted in teams of three, with each being assigned a specific role in the team – one as the director, one as the script writer, and one as the star of the commercial. Molly and Monique both struggled to perform in their roles, as their teammate, Alexandria tried to take over their roles once again, but Monique was praised for managing to do well in spite of Alexandria. In the end, the group of Brittani, Kasia and Mikaela won the challenge, and the opportunity for their video to be shown on the Cover girl website. Back at the house, Alexandria tearfully called her boyfriend, feeling misunderstood in the house, but while she did so, the other girls gossiped about her, and Monique decided to read her diary, to find out how she really felt about the other girls.

For their next photo shoot, the girls were taken to the old L.A Zoo, where they were to pose for Rachel Zoe's faux fur collection, and learned that they would be shooting with Murato, a baby jaguar. Kasia experienced the most difficulty posing with the jaguar due to her being allergic to animals, whilst Dalya was accused of only doing basic poses. Molly was unhappy about being the penultimate girl to shoot, as she felt that the jaguar had grown increasingly frustrated as the day has gone on, and the girls who shot first had it easier.

At panel, Brittani, Jaclyn and Monique all received positive feedback, but Hannah received top praise for her stellar photograph, and received first call-out. Dalya received the worst feedback, as the judges felt that she was doubting herself, and it was getting in the way of her performance, and she landed in the bottom two alongside Molly, for letting hair trouble distract her. Eventually Molly was saved, and was told that her weave would now be removed altogether, and Dalya was sent home.
The girls returned from panel to be greeted by Tyra who wanted to teach the girls about model archetypes, and how to handle the fame that might come to the girls if they make it as successful models. During the lesson, Molly again became emotional about her weave, but Tyra told her that she needed to tough it out and stop complaining, and later, it was finally taken out for good, much to Molly’s delight.

The girls were next taken to their next challenge, where J. Alexander told them that they would spend the afternoon meeting fans of the show. Monique quickly became fed up of talking to the fans, and when one asked her for a kiss, she instead directed him to Alexandria, who reluctantly kissed him on the cheek. Kasia won the challenge for being engaging with her fans, while still keeping the conversation mostly about modeling, and she choose Brittani and Jaclyn to join her in having lunch with Miss. J. The other girls were left to clean up the mess left by the fans, much to Monique’s disdain, causing some of the other girls to label her as high maintenance.

Next, the girls met Jonathan Mannion, their photographer for the week, and learned that they would be posing covered in mud. The girls were being shot in groups of four – the four blond girls in one group, and the four brunettes in the other. Jonathan was delighted with Brittani’s work on set, and even took a shot of her alone, ignoring the other three girls in her group. In between frames in the blond shoot, Alexandria moved Kasia’s arm after Jay specifically told her how to position it, and she worried that Jay would relay this back to Tyra, after he took it as her trying to once again to dictate the shoot.

At panel, the both shots received mixed responses from the judges, with Brittani and Kasia being told they were the standouts in their respective groups. Though Mikaela was praised for producing a somewhat stellar performance, Tyra chastised her that she had better shots, but she has to choose a picture where everybody looks strong altogether, thus the group photo shown on panel did not give justice to the overall strong film. Alexandria produced her first poor film, and her choice of outfit was harshly criticized by Andre. While the judges already deemed that the brunettes' photo was stronger, Monique and Mikaela landed at the bottom two, for coasting and inconsistency respectively. In the end, Mikaela was spared, with a warning to improve her eye expressions, and Monique, whom the judges deemed as a middle-runner, was eliminated.
After returning from panel, the girls found bags underneath Brittani’s digital portrait, filled with materials related to their upcoming challenge – a photo shoot for “Warriors in Pink”, a cause against breast cancer. The concept immediately inspired many of the girls, including Brittani and Molly, who both had lost friends and loved ones to breast cancer. Mikaela admitted her confusion about how she was unable to get strong shots due to her extensive modeling experience, but vowed to improve at the next shoot. Alexandria continued to be unpopular amongst the girls, and mostly everyone agreed that she should have been the one to go home at the previous panel.

The girls met Nigel at the shoot, and learned he would be their photographer for the day. Each girl would be representing a warrior, and would have to do their own hair and makeup. Before the shoot, Mikaela broke down in tears, but resolved to do a good job regardless. During their shoot, Nigel asked Brittani what she thought about whilst posing, and reacted negatively to her response of “I don’t think, I just do,” feeling that Brittani wasn’t passionate enough about modeling. Alexandria on the other hand impressed Nigel, and ultimately won the prize – the chance to shoot a national campaign for “Warriors in Pink”, as well as a new 2012 Ford Focus. Backstage following the result, the other girls, led by Brittani, angrily bemoaned the choice of Alexandria winning, feeling that she was undeserving, and when Alexandria calmly told them she could hear what they were saying, Brittani exploded in anger, and told her that none of the girls liked her, and that they felt she should have gone home instead of Monique at last pane, shocking Nigel, who had also overheard everything. Back at the house, the models pondered how to best deal with Alexandria, and when she returned from her campaign shoot, they gave her the silent treatment, though in a confessional, a confused Alexandria claimed that this only further pushed her on to do well.

Next, Miss J. crept into the model’s home in the early hours, and whisked them away for a tour of Universal Studios, where they would be shooting for this week’s photo. Each girl had to portray women who are addicted to certain fashion items, shot by Miguel Starcevich. Mikaela struggled get into character, being overwhelmed by the piles of shopping bags around her. Jaclyn impressed Jay the most, embodying her assignment to the fullest extent.
At panel, Jaclyn received amazing critique for her “crazy for makeup” shoot, while Molly and Kasia also received good feedback. Hannah was commended for pulling out an excellent “crazy for handbags” shot, but Tyra warned her that her overall film was poor. Mikaela again struggled with inconsistency in her film, and she admitted she was never totally sure about the concept of the shot. During Alexandria’s critique with the judges, Nigel called Brittani out over her outburst at the challenge, and deemed her unprofessional for airing her personal opinions in the workplace. Although Brittani attempted to defend her actions, Tyra agreed with Nigel, leading to Brittani fleeing out of panel, and breaking down backstage. Soon after, Brittani chose to return to get her critique in the middle of a panic attack, and attempted to apologize to the judges for her actions. Her picture was generally well received by the judges, but her professionalism was called into question, with Tyra feeling that her outburst had made her appear unattractive to the judges.

During deliberation, Tyra recalled the elimination of Toccara Jones in Cycle 3, and how she had been outnumbered by the other judges that day. Tyra said that Brittani was her choice to be eliminated, but again found herself in the minority, with the other three judges feeling that Brittani would learn from her experience, something which Tyra was unsure of. Backstage, Alexandria confronted the other girls, and after asking them why they disliked her so much, Brittani stormed out once again.

After the fight, Jaclyn received a first call-out for her excellent picture, while Molly, Hannah, Kasia, and Alexandria all safely progressed to the next round. Tyra praised Alexandria for the way she handled herself throughout the difficult panel and that she would have been called much sooner had she had more feeling in her eyes. Mikaela and Brittani were called forward as the bottom two, Mikaela for her declining performance, and Brittani for being unprofessional. Ultimately, Tyra halfheartedly handed the final photo to Brittani, stating that if had not been outvoted, she would give the last photo to Mikaela.
Following her narrow escape at the previous panel, Brittani apologized to Alexandria for her outbursts against her on the way home, and though most agreed that Alexandria’s attitude had improved, Molly theorized that nothing had changed, and that Alexandria was just acting nice, and the other girls were foolish to believe her supposed act. Tyra helped the girls put together portfolios for their impending go-sees, and after giving each girl their portfolio, informed them that each contained a letter of the name of this cycle’s overseas destination. After a scramble, the girls learned that they would be going to Morocco, but Tyra surprised them by revealing that this cycle, only five girls would be going overseas, and that the girls performance at go-sees would play a major part in the judge’s deliberations at panel.

At the house, the girls met Kyle Hagler from IMG Models, who gave them their brief for the go-sees. Each girl had four hours to visit four different castings, each representing a different archetype of modeling - Athletic, Bombshell, Couture and Girl Next Door, before returning to Lana Marks for one final go-see. Each girl was given a driver for the challenge, but was told that they had to direct the drivers to the go-sees. Alexandria found this to be an advantage, as she was the only girl who had a pre-existing knowledge of L.A, claiming she knew it like the back of her hand. All of the girls made it back to Lana Marks in time, including Alexandria who arrived with only 30 seconds to spare, and Kyle informed the girls that only the three who performed the best throughout the day would move onto a go-see with Lana, for the chance to appear in a global campaign, as well as a gift bag from the designers. Alexandria, Kasia and Molly moved onto the top three, and after a go-see with Lana, Alexandria was named as the challenge winner. At the house, Brittani felt resigned to going home, feeling that her failure to progress past the first round at go-sees, on top of her performance at the previous panel would eliminate her.

Next, the girls were taken to the Olinda Landfill in Orange County, where they would be taking part in their next photoshoot with Nigel. The girls would be wearing couture dresses designed specifically by Michael Cinco for each girl. Before their shoot, Nigel reassured Brittani that she was still in the competition because the judges felt her worth keeping, but warned her that it was pivotal she got a good shot. In spite of their surroundings, most of the girls impressed Nigel and Jay, but Molly’s complaining detracted from her strong performance.

At the panel, Alexandria swept the board, with the judges loving her stunning high fashion shot, and booking all four of her go-see appointments. Molly had a strong picture, but was warned that the designers were all put off by her personality whilst she was waiting to see the casting agents, and was told she would have won the challenge if her personality was better. Before receiving her picture, Brittani apologized to Tyra for her actions at the previous panel, and Tyra accepted, though her, and Jaclyn’s failure to make no more than two go-sees was strongly criticized by the judges. Hannah had a strong performance in all aspects of the week, but the judges were concerned that she was too fragile for the industry.

Alexandria’s strong performance earned her first call out for the week, while Hannah, Kasia and Brittani all joined her on the plane to Morocco, leaving Jaclyn and Molly as the bottom two – Jaclyn for only making two go-sees, and Molly for her questionable attitude and passion for modeling. In the end, Molly was deemed to have more potential, eliminating Jaclyn.

This is the summary of the first half of the cycle, including never-before-seen film, such as Jaclyn's 20th birthday and the girls playing with Hannah's pendulum (magic crystal), Kasia's skin, Jaclyn's swear jar, Hannah crying and Alexandria's free car.
The final five girls arrived in Marrakech, Morocco, the location for the rest of the cycle, and met the Jay’s who informed them that they would be given the day off to see Morocco, and each of the girls reflected on their position in the competition. Alexandria was pleased that her fortunes appeared to be changing, while Molly worried that the judges would lose faith in her.

Later, the girls met with Andre, who asked the girls to show him their walks in elaborate couture outfits designed by Noureddine Amir, and while most of the girls did well, Kasia was upset to find that none of the dresses at the studio fitted her plus sized frame, but did a good job of hiding her hurt feelings from Andre. The girls were then taken to a rooftop, where they again met Andre for a chat, before being surprised to learn that they were actually on the roof of their new luxury Marrakech apartment. Molly however was unhappy when she learned that she would have to share a bed with Brittani and Kasia.

The girl’s first overseas photoshoot took them to the Marrakech desert, where they had to pose on the back of camels for photographer Michael Woolley. Molly attempted to improve her image around set, and impressed Jay with a strong performance, but Kasia struggled at the shoot, and admitted that she was feeling uncomfortable with her body. Alexandria was initially excited for the shoot, but her continuing control issues annoyed Michael, and she struggled to perform well.

At panel, the girls were introduced to Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, who was the guest judge for the week. Molly, Brittani and Hannah were all praised for strong shots, with Hannah finally being told that she stood out, with her shoot being completely different from the other girls. Alexandria received mixed comments on her shot, and was warned of the dangers of upsetting the photographer, while Kasia was criticized for lacking energy in her shot, and for letting her body issues get in the way of her performance.

Eventually, Molly received the first call out for her excellent shot, followed by Brittani and Hannah. Alexandria and Kasia were called forward as the bottom two, Alexandria for not performing as well as some of the other girls, and for her demeanor at set, and Kasia for being inconsistent from week-to-week, and lacking confidence. Ultimately, Kasia was eliminated and Alexandria was spared. It is important to remark that, from the four girls left, three of them (Alexandria, Brittani and Molly) had already had attitude issues with Tyra and the judges.
The day after returning from panel, Miss J. arrived at the top model apartment, and escorted the girls to an informal meeting with Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, giving them the chance to ask her questions, and show her their portfolios. After Franca left, J. next introduced the girls to Noor Talbi, a professional tea-tray dancer, who after teaching the girls the art of balancing trays on their heads, informed them that they would have to demonstrate what they had learned in front of a live audience later that night.

At the challenge, J. informed the girls of a further twist – they would have to balance lit candles on their trays, as well as dance with a professional group of tea-tray dancers. Molly struggled, tripping on her skirt almost immediately, and making little effort to recover, but Brittani excelled and managed to keep her tray balanced for her whole routine. Alexandria initially performed well, but dropped her tray completely in her final move. Eventually, Alexandria was the runner-up, Brittani was named as the challenge winner, giving her the opportunity to have a personal runway lesson from J, along with Hannah, whom she chose to share the reward with.

Later, the girls were wandering through Marrakech, and discovered a stall with unusual delicacies, including eyeballs and goat’s brain, which each of the girls sampled. Later, Brittani regretted her decision at the restaurant, having fallen ill since eating there, and she quitting the competition.

At the photo shoot, Jay told the girls that their shoot would be a continuation of the story behind their last shoot, and introduced them to their photographer for the week, Friedemann Hauss. Hannah struggled to successfully portray her story, while Molly and Brittani once again excelled. Alexandria was excited for the shoot, but became frustrated when Jay warned her not to be something different than a pretty girl, and consequently her performance suffered.

At panel, Alexandria received a mixed response for her photo, with the judges deeming it not high fashion, something which they also said of Brittani, though they still liked her picture. Hannah also had a decent picture, but the judges again worried that she was not a standout. Molly impressed them the most with her high fashion shot, and ultimately she earned the first call-out. Hannah and Alexandria were named as the bottom two, both for control issues – Alexandria for being too controlling in her face at her shoots, and Hannah for lacking the control to be consistent. Ultimately, Hannah was given a reprieve while Alexandria was eliminated from the competition.
Following panel, the girls all reflected on their chances at winning the competition, and identified Molly as the frontrunner. Jay arrived at the house, and showed the girls a video message from Lara Spencer of The Insider,[Note 1] who informed them of this week's challenge–-each girl would have to research one of three fashion and beauty methods common in Marrakesh, and then shoot an informative 90-second video report about their selected topic. Brittani was criticized for not utilizing her expert fully and running from inside to the outer market while the camera followed her, causing her to run over her allotted time. Hannah impressed with her video but likewise went over the allotted time. Molly was commended for finishing her report within the 90 seconds, although she was reminded to maximize her time. Ultimately, Molly won the challenge.

Next, Tyra visited the girls to check how they were coping in the competition. Molly became emotional while talking about missing her family, and how poorly she had treated them in the past, and resolved to make them proud, while Hannah reflected on how she had grown as a person in the competition. Brittani revealed that she had been bullied as a child because of her mom's anxiety issues, but Tyra encouraged them to keep trying to prove their doubters wrong. After the chat, Tyra held an impromptu photo shoot with the girls, and helped them to isolate parts of their bodies without moving other parts.

The girls then arrived for the week’s photo shoot, where they would be posing on the beach with a male model in traditional Moroccan wedding gowns. Molly was concerned about posing with a male model for the first time, and struggled as a result, but Hannah impressed Nigel with the conflicted narrative she came up with for her shoot. Brittani again felt uncomfortable with the idea of acting sexy, and began to cry mid-shoot after being accused of being overconfident by Jay.

At panel, Tyra informed the girls that she was so impressed with their performances at the wedding gown shoot, that she had selected two pictures from each girl’s film instead of one. Contrary to her expectations, Molly produced two beautiful shots, though Nigel admitted he didn’t enjoy shooting her, while Hannah produced some of her best pictures in the competition so far. Brittani excelled once again, and was commended for excellent posing, though Nigel scolded her for crying during the shoot.

Ultimately, Molly gained another first call-out, and progressed to the final two. Brittani and Hannah were left as the bottom two, where Hannah was chastised for her fragility and questionable inner strength, while Brittani was told that the judges felt her performance had declined as the competition moved to Morocco. In the end, Tyra handed the final photo to Brittani, stating that she was more emotionally and psychologically ready for the fashion industry than Hannah.
The final two meet with Ivan Bart, the vice president of IMG Models. Both girls impress Ivan with their looks and portfolio, but he liked Brittani's attitude to Molly's rehearsed yet professional demeanor. After, Brittani and Molly then faced Jay Manuel for their CoverGirl commercial and print ad. To help them perfect their lines, the girls were given a teleprompter and too add challenge, they will be shot in three simultaneous angles. Molly found herself struggling because she feels that the girl-next-door image is not her personality, while Brittani is experiencing panic attacks, though both girls managed to pull through.

Next, the final two then met stylist Valentina Serra and top fashion photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari for their Vogue Italia cover shoots. Brittani was praised for her professionalism at the shoot, while Molly was castigated for lack of commitment. That night, Molly was surprised to see her foster parents, while Brittani's mother was not able to come due to medical reasons, but as she was allowed to talk with her mother via Skype.

The girls are joined by Cycle 15 winner Ann, aswell as previously eliminated girls Kasia, Alexandria and Hannah for the Vivienne Westwood fashion show. Though both girls excelled throughout the whole show, Brittani accidentally went out of character by laughing while doing a semi-erotic pose with Molly. To make matters worse, Brittani stumbled at the penultimate part of the show, injuring herself, though she decided to perform in the final walk anyway. After the show, Ivan Bart surprised the girls by announcing that they will have a second set of makeovers before facing the judges.
Jay Manuel reveals himself as their guest judge for the final panel, Brittani was hailed for doing well in the CoverGirl commercial, while Molly was accused for looking mean. For their fashion show, both were hailed for their strong performances. Though Nigel and Tyra castigated Brittani for her laughing incident, they commended her for pushing through her injury. During deliberations, the judges were torn because both girls displayed equally strong bodies of work.

The girls were called back, and Brittani was crowned as the sixteenth winner of America's Next Top Model.
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