America's Next Top Model 12 ANTM Winner, Teyona Photo Portfolio

This is a fan page for Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model. ANTM's 12th season was won by Teyona in May, 2009.

America's Next Top Model season 12 winner is Teyona! International destination was Brazil. Season 12 was underwhelming compared to previous installments.

Aminat was clearly robbed of her victory. She was the obvious choice to win, the most 'model like' of all the contestants. Aminat was constantly compared to Naomi Campbell, the body type, the walk, she was many times termed the 'perfect' model. Aminat, in her makeover, was even given a Naomi Campbell style of hair - a long, straight weave.

Allison, the doe-eyed, or actually more like crazy-eyed model, stayed too long in the competition and should have never made top 2. Allison's walk was terrible, her stare in pictures was always the same 'question mark' and she didn't actually improve as much as other girls week to week.

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